Treatments and Prices

South Norwood

First Acupuncture Treatment 

£55 (60-75mins) 

Initial treatment includes an in depth consultation followed by an acupuncture treatment after.


 Initial Acupuncture Treatment and

1 Follow Up Treatment £80

When you purchase together

(Saving £20).

Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment

£45 (55mins)

Follow up treatments include a brief consultation about the progress, followed by an acupuncture treatment.

 Bulk Acupuncture Treatments

5 Follow Up Treatments £210

When you purchase in advance 

(Saving £15).


Fire cupping

Oil cupping

(30mins) £35

Cupping treatment may be fire cupping or oil cupping. 

Treatment will include a brief consultation followed by a cupping treatment.

Light Centre


Please contact Charlotte for more information of prices for Initial Treatment, Follow Ups and 5 Bulk Treatments  for Acupuncture at Light Centre in Central London. 

To book an appointment please

Call/Text: 07576430095



What else might your treatment involve? 


Moxibustion also known as 'moxa' is a Chinese herb called mugwort. This herb is burnt near the skin giving off warmth to the client. This is very good if the cold weather affects your joints.

Moxibustion may be included in your acupuncture treatment.

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