First Acupuncture Treatment 

£55 (60-75mins) 

Initial treatment includes an in depth consultation followed by an acupuncture treatment after.


 Initial Acupuncture Treatment and

1 Follow Up Treatment £80

When you purchase together

(Saving £20).

Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment

£45 (55mins)

Follow up treatments include a brief consultation about the progress, followed by an acupuncture treatment.

 Bulk Acupuncture Treatments

5 Follow Up Treatments £210

When you purchase in advance 

(Saving £15).


Fire cupping

Oil cupping

(30mins) £35

Cupping treatment may be fire cupping or oil cupping. 

Treatment will include a brief consultation followed by a cupping treatment.

To book an appointment please

Call/Text: 07576430095



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